Born and raised in Texas, and a descendant of one of the state’s first families, Bruce was destined for all things great and epic. Not one to seek fame and glory, yet unable to escape notoriety and a menagerie of accolades too numerous and wonderful to list here, he chooses to live his life in relative obscurity within the shadows of small-town suburban life.

Some have claimed they have seen Elvis and Bruce eating in the backroom of squalid diners late at night, but no hard proof can confirm the sightings. A Facebook account bearing his name shows a wife and four kids; no dogs or cats, pets or otherwise; and a long list of friends, but many of those named appear to be fictional characters and subjects of tall tales and historical lore. His occupation is reportedly that of an art director at a church, but that’s more likely a cover for his “real” work – which many have speculated as ranging from an Illuminati insider to a geopolitical renegade helping establish a new utopian society somewhere in uncharted parts of the Pacific Ocean. Those who know him best attest to his love of Mexican food and dark chocolate, music in styles both popular and unpopular, animals in modes both living and deceased (but mostly living), symmetry and asymmetry depending on the tides, discovery, beauty, creation, art, and naps.

It has been a storied life thus far, and one that may yet one day find expression on some silvery screen, however diminutive or grand, but assuredly the earth and history will one day consider those who with either some measure of fortune or clever craft found means to intersect it, sharing space and time and all the wonder that it beheld, even if only for a wisp of a moment, Bruce’s beloved companions in life and who will regale all others with tales of the graceful charm, humble heart, unassuming spirit and noble aspirations of God and earth’s good man.