Lacey grew up in the great state of Texas and has attended Lake Pointe for most of her life. Her love for creating content, capturing moments and interacting with people has landed her where she is today. She is currently in her last year of earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Science (can she get an amennn?), but her more vital skills have come from YouTube University. She is self-taught in all things Adobe Creative Cloud and photography.

Managing Lake Pointe’s social media channels is the perfect role for Lacey since she is a social butterfly. From sharing stories to capturing photos and working with ministries, she has found her niche!

When she isn’t posting, you can find Lacey at a new coffee shop. If she has a couple of days on her hands, she has probably wandered off to Colorado to slowly check another 14er off her list; five down, only 53 more to go!