Manda can be described as a creative individual, lost in her own mind, daydreaming of a cat-dominated world. As president of the art club and a member of the yearbook committee, she was very involved in leading the four-year art rebellion that dominated her small high school. She later attended The Art Institute of Dallas where she discovered two great loves: graphic design and her husband Steven. In 2013, she received a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

After graduating, Manda spent a few years working as a freelance artist while employed as a Graphic Designer for a print shop in Stephenville, TX. It was there that she produced a vast number of published pieces for Tarleton State University and local businesses, and also learned that the greatest tool at her disposal was spell check. Today she is one of the creative minds on the LP Creative team.

It is Manda’s job to interpret the ideas presented by our ministries and find ways to turn them into a clear form of communication using her artistic vision. She prides herself in her ability to push boundaries with unique ideas and thrives in the world of Pantone colors and vector points. She tries not to think inside or outside of the box, but better yet, to be the box.

Besides her desire to create a beautiful world, she also finds great joy in being with her family, her husband Steven and their daughter Gemma. Most days you can find them cooking out, finding an excuse to travel, or hitting up the local shops. She considers herself one of the lucky few that gets to work at a place and be supported by amazing people that fuel her passion for creative work.