Born in Louisiana, Shyan made her way to the East Coast in the late 80’s as a Navy brat. She bounced around between Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina before officially making her way to the great state of Texas in late 2003. She brought along her high school sweetheart-turned-husband and first-born son. While her oldest son was not born in Texas, they got him here as fast as could they could, and her next two sons were born and raised in Texas! Shyan and her husband have been together for over 25 years and their love story is sickly sweet. If you ask, she would be more than happy to tell you about it – or just wait and you will hear it anyway.

Shyan gave her secondary education the old college try, literally. She attended 3 years of community college (where she was inducted in to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society) before transferring to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and majoring in accounting. Ultimately, she dropped out of UNLV and earned her B.A. in Life at the School of Hard Knocks in the 2000s. Her early administrative talents were first discovered while supporting in areas of such prestige as VHS rentals, fine jewelry at Big Box Stores, assisted living facilities, and name brand under garment packing and shipping. She really cut her administrative teeth in the fields of construction, project management, human resources, finance, banking, IT, and restaurant management. She is currently utilizing her years of experience and spiritual gifts to support a top-notch communications team.

After work, she enjoys ruling over her overwhelmingly male household with an iron fist, a sharp tongue and a Drill Sergeant’s bark. When she is not ruling the roost, she loves to go to bed early, wake up late, and she is willing to eat breakfast any time of the day. She also loves the Lord with all of her heart and has learned through the hard times to give God all the glory in the highlands and the valleys. Over the last year, the Lord has given her an opportunity to be part of a community of women empowering women through God’s Word, and it fills her love cup up to the very top.

When Shyan is old, wrinkly and at the end of her days, she hopes she will be remembered for how fiercely she loved God, her husband and her boys. She also hopes she leaves a legacy of bad jokes, potty humor, the joy of laughing and making others laugh with her.